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A Unique Global Online MBA Program - Designed for Canadian Professionals

Manage uncertainty, leverage opportunities

At Cook University, our 100 percent on-line master's degree international is intended for operating professionals and excellent for Canadians trying to urge ahead within the business world. stratified within the prime 2 % within the tutorial Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), Cook University’s on-line master's degree combines the convenience of on-demand learning with foremost tutorial quality. The result's a web Master of Business Administration degree which will actually be a distinction maker in your career and in your life. better of all, you don’t would like a four-year Bachelor’s or academic degree to urge into our program.
Advantages of the web master's degree from JCU
In today’s international business landscape, it’s vital that you just earn the proper business degree. meaning selecting a high quality master's degree from a honorable grad school at a foremost university. It’s a mixture which will position you for long-run success.

What will earning a Master’s degree in business administration on-line mean for you? initial of all, there's fully no distinction in your credentials or instructional credentials after you study Cook University’s on-line master's degree international compared to Associate in Nursing on-campus master's degree. The JCU on-line master's degree international options identical tutorial rigor - therefore you’ll gain identical advanced business information and have access to identical opportunities.

Our versatile, Canadian-friendly on-line courses supply competitive course fees and 6 study periods annually, therefore you'll be able to accelerate your learning to realize your master's degree qualification sooner. As a Canadian, you perceive the worth of learning quickly whereas not having to travel back and forth to your field, particularly whereas you're operating.

Postgraduate study at JCU on-line is immersive, career-focused and dynamically interactive therefore you don’t lose any communication points by taking the degree on-line. providing a purposeful learning setting and people-focused community, you’ll connect and network with peers, business professionals and teachers globally additionally as right here in Canada throughout your degree.

In addition to professional steering from tutors and teachers throughout the program, as a JCU on-line student, you may receive one-on-one support from a private Canadian Enrollment authority guiding you thru the method from begin to complete. Once accepted into the program can|you'll|you may} even be supported by your dedicated Student Success authority United Nations agency will offer steering and assist you till you graduate.
Gain the talents employers demand with a web master's degree
James Cook University’s on-line master's degree international is internationally recognized and will offer you with the credentials to get prime positions at firms like Scotiabank, 3M, Adobe, Salesforce, Deloitte, CIBC, KPMG and plenty of others. you may learn from industry-experienced specialists United Nations agency ar revered leaders in their fields. each subject has real-world, experiential learning opportunities that link business to the topic matter.

By finishing this degree, you’ll develop:

The ability to form data-driven choices to resolve complicated business issues.
Advanced information to become a competent leader and drive property growth for your organization.
The leadership skills to form impactful, strategic choices for your business.
Effective communication ways for transfer messages clearly and in brief to numerous target audiences.
Improve your capabilities for strategic coming up with and development. Hone these skills to some extent of confidence whereas learning from real-world cases which will be applicable in your future career.
MBA remuneration in Canada
Earning your on-line master's degree in Canada will open up a world of chance. consistent with Canadian Business Magazine, upgrading your business degree pays vast dividends within the long-run—especially for your remuneration. several students expertise a big increase once earning their master's degree on-line.

In some instances the potential exists for a rise of seventy five % or additional. consistent with the monetary Times, those who apply for Associate in Nursing master's degree tend to form roughly $55,000, and other people United Nations agency graduate from MBAs tend to form roughly $130,000. In ROI terms, getting your master's degree on-line from a foremost college may be one amongst the simplest choices you'll be able to wreak your future. Our on-line master's degree international program is reasonable, dynamic and can assist you reach the business world. From a globally revered university in Australia, our master's degree is intended to extend your Canadian market desirability.
What sets the web master's degree international from Cook University apart?
JCU's on-line master's degree international program offers versatile study and extremely regarded links to business. It equips you to become a assured leader and can develop the means you approach the management of individuals, organizations and alter. With a stress on trendy governance and property business practices, the course conjointly offers subjects in Business Consulting, company Strategy, transnational firms, and International Markets.

Enjoy a world, capstone expertise
As a part of your on-line master's degree program, you'll be able to prefer to participate in an exceedingly week-long Integrated international Capstone Project at JCU’s Singapore field, mythical being Island or the Daintree woodland close to Cairns, Australia. This final capstone subject will be accessible in a web format for people who ar unable to travel.
What will you learn throughout the JCU on-line master's degree Global?
The JCU on-line master's degree international is intended to supply you with access to a few key aras of business information (the courses are listed below every area)

The online master's degree program consists of twelve subject areas, mobilization you with skills to form strategic choices that have an effect in international business contexts. you may learn to research and solve complicated issues exploitation advanced knowledge analysis. you may conjointly cultivate the leadership skills required to inspire a team to deliver property growth and positive outcomes.
How is Cook University's on-line master's degree international program different?
One of the foremost factors that set the JCU on-line master's degree international except alternative choices accessible to Canadians is that you just don't essentially would like a four-year bachelor’s degree to be accepted into our on-line master's degree program. It is also a high-quality education that’s accessible to Canadians at a lower price than several alternative ancient master's degree programs.

The Cook University on-line master's degree international provides a powerful affiliation to business and business. every subject within the program is developed by teachers with a wealth of international business expertise and connections, which suggests you may take pleasure in having timely and relevant course content that's applicable where you're employed round the world.

This gives you the chance to figure on real-life comes, collaborate, problem-solve and gain expertise whereas you’re still registered.

The Cook University on-line master's degree international can prepare you to manage organizations, individuals and alter. You’ll learn what it takes to figure within the international business world and gain international perspective that helps you gain the arrogance to guide in times of uncertainty. learn the way to form new business and career opportunities in an exceedingly connected world. further topics embrace data-driven higher cognitive process and strategic thinking in business and entrepreneurship.

Recognition of previous Learning (RPL) - The period of your course relies on your previous education levels and your work. this might scale back the quantity of subjects you study to realize your degree. decision our Enrollment team to debate your choices. you will not would like a bachelor’s degree to realize entry into the web master's degree program.
100% on-line and versatile - Our courses ar delivered 100 percent on-line, on any device. Maintain work, family and alternative commitments while not the trouble of a set timetable.
Customised course delivery - At JCU on-line, we’re proud to deliver on-line postgraduate courses tailored to the requirements of part-time students. junction rectifier by a passionate learning style team, all course materials ar developed with the web student in mind.
Dedicated tutorial support - we attempt to form Associate in Nursing setting that allows you to succeed. By limiting category sizes to simply twenty five students, our tutors have enough time to supply you with their full attention and support.
Success work and support - additionally to the educational support provided by your subject organiser and tutors, you may receive personalised support from a Student Success authority. Your Student Success authority will assist with non-academic recommendation, whether or not that’s finding the proper resources or keeping you actuated throughout your course.


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Are on-line and On-Campus Canadian MBAs Created Equal?
The first purpose it’s vital to create is that the credentials attained from associate licenced on-line MBA area unit similar to those attained in a very physical room. …

Six Winning Traits to Look For in an Online MBA Program

It pays to be meticulous once it involves selecting wherever to attend grad school — although you attend that college from the comfort of your house. cross-check these six key qualities of Business colleges that the team from Cook University’s International on-line MBA program have known as being essential to students’ educational and skilled success.

1. Flexibility
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